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Afff Foam Concentrate- An Overview


You can not extinguish every fire with the help of water. Sometimes water leads to an increase in fire because of its very composition. In such cases, foam concentrates come to rescue. Foam generally comprises of water, foam concentrates and air. Their right proportion makes the foam blanket around the fire which suppresses it from increasing and extinguish it quickly.

AFFF is one of the types of foam concentrates which helps in extinguishing hydrocarbon fire or Class B fire at a large scale. Let’s have a look at the properties, usage, and operations of this foam concentrate.

Aqueous Film Forming Foam is commonly known as AFFF. It is water-based and contains hydrocarbon surfactants as sodium alkyl sulfate and fluorosurfactant. It is blended with various solvents, preservatives, and stabilizers.
It further devides into three types- AFFF 1%, AFFF 3% and AFFF 6%.
Its basic job is to suppress the fire and cool down the particles by forming a foam blanket around it.

In this blog, we will further learn about its Usage, the way it works and also the areas where this type of foam concentrate should not be used.

This type of foam is commonly used to extinguish petroleum fire. It also helps in knocking down Class B fire. This foam is so effective that it helps in rescue operations while handling large and uncontrollable hydrocarbon fire. It is commonly used in the Aviation sector for handling large fires because of a plane crash. It is also used in the Defence department, Powerplants, Petro-chemical gas industries.

How it works-
This foam has the capability to suppress the hydrocarbon fire from the air by building the aqueous film around it. It also suppresses the vapors that can mix with the air, which ultimately stops the fire from covering more area. It also contains water immiscible flammable liquids which easily knock down the fire.

Areas where AFFF Foam Concentrate does not work-
AFFF is not suitable for polar solvent fire, because these fire extracts the water contained in the foam and hence leads to the breakage of foam blanket. This type of fire requires an alcoholic- polar solvent foam concentrate.
Hence, all the important points that are mentioned in the blog can help you to get all the answers related to this topic.

We tried to keep this blog short and crisp which will serve the purpose of answering basic level questions about AFFF foam concentrate. For more details and intricate knowledge, you can contact Foamtech Antifire. They are making the products in the presence of well-renowned scientists that are always ready to help you with your questions. Also, check out their Facebook Page for getting the daily updates on fire solution.