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AR-AFFF Foam Concentrate
There are different causes behind every fire and as we know different problems have different solutions thus every fire cannot be handled by using the same extinguisher! There are various types of foam concentrate each suited for a particular type of fire. You must be aware of which foam concentrate is to be used at what time! AR-AFFF is one of the types of foam concentrates which helps in extinguishing flammable hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. Now let’s have a look at the properties, usage, and operations of this foam concentrate.
Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foams are commonly known as AR-AFFF, are foams resistant to the action of alcohols and can form a protective film. It is a synthetic foam developed for both hydrocarbon and polar-solvent materials. Polar solvents are combustible liquids that destroy conventional fire-fighting foam. It is comprised of surfactant, fluorosurfactant, polymer, and fluoropolymer.
AR-AFFF is used to extinguish fires caused by flammable liquids that readily mix with water. Such fires are more difficult to handle as the polar solvents or alcoholic liquid destroys any kind of foam blanket. So to overcome this problem we have AR-AFFF foam concentrates! This type of foam concentrate is commonly used to deal with hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, petroleum, and aviation. It also helps in controlling polar solvent fire and miscible fuels such as alcohol can also be knockdown by AR-AFFF.
AR-AFFF foam concentrate is used for rapid fire knockdown especially caused by polar solvents. The foam blanket formed around the fire blocks oxygen supply to the fuel and then the liquid drains out from the foam blanket as a physical barrier is formed between the fuel and the foam blanket. The water content of the foam produces a cooling effect that suppresses the fire further. So we tried to give you the basic knowledge about AR-AFF by keeping the blog as simple as possible! I hope it was helpful to you. For more details and intricate knowledge, you can contact Foamtech Antifire. They are making their products in the supervision of well-known scientists who are always ready to answer your questions. Also, check out their Facebook Page for getting daily updates regarding fire safety.

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