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Foamer brand Flouroprotein foam concentrate containing flourinated surfactants in a carefully formulated protein foam liquid base. .Foamer Brand Fluoro Protein (FP) foam concentrates are based on advanced protein foam technology and are ideal for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires. The protein base provides a tough cohesive foam blanket with high resistance to heat that quickly smothers, cools, and seals the risk. Fluorochemical surface active agents combined with the protein base increase the fluidity and fuel shedding properties of the foam.

Fluoro protein foams are ideal to use in high risk situations where hydrocarbons (such as aviation kerosene, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel) are stored, processed, or transported. They are used extensively for tank protection and other refinery based risks as well as at jetties and offshore installations, process areas, road/rail loading racks, marine terminals. For the suppression of fire involving hydrocarbon bulk storage and handling, such as refineries and petrochemical facilities, fluoroprotein foam concentrates are ideal.

Foamer brand FP is available in two different types: Type 3 and Type 6 %.