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FOAMTECH FFFP is an ECCENTRIC combination of a rapid fire blowdown quality of conventional film forming AFFF with a tough cohesive foam blanket based on protein base material, providing high level of post fire security and burn back resistance.

FOAMTECH FFFP’s formulation is based on highly advanced protein foam technology containing hydrolysed protein, fluorochemical surface active agent and preservatives to achieve the greatest synergetic effect. This is available in two different types: FOAMER brand FFFP 3% and FOAMER brand FFFP6 %.


AR-FFFP is multi-purpose natural protein based foam for use on a wide variety of both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. It contains unique hydrophilic polymers producing a thick layer if applied on chemicals. It fosters a fast flowing foam resistant against burn back with high insulating protection to heat and chemical destruction, if applied on any kind of fuel. It is recommended with all types of known equipment and is also compatible dry chemical powders.

This is available in two different types: FOAMER brand AR FFFP 3/3% and FOAMER brand AR FFFP3/6 %.