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Foam generators are designed to expand foam solution into millions of tiny bubbles in which the solution is expanded in
volume to a range exceeding 200:1.

The extinguishing effectiveness of the Foamtech HX generator (FCH*-250) is achieved via a combination of the following:

 Free air movement essential for continued combustion is reduced.

 Transition to steam of the water content of the foam solution dilutes the oxygen concentration, achieving a level below which combustion cannot be supported.

 Reduced surface tension of the foam solution draining from the expanded foam penetrates the Class A materials, extinguishing deep-seated fires.

 Foam solution lowers the temperature below the combustion point or auto-ignition temperature of Class A and B fuels.

 The insulating and heat-reflecting properties of the foam blanket provide a heat shield preventing fire spread and extinguishes deep-seated fires.

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