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The Foamtech low-expansion foam handline nozzles can be used with all low-expansion foam concentrates, such as fluoroprotein (FP), aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), alcohol resistant aqueous film-forming foam AR-AFFF) and Class A concentrates.

These portable, air-aspirating nozzles can also be used to extinguish a variety of flammable liquid fires using Foamer Class B foam concentrates.

Typical applications include municipal fire departments, Crash-Fire-Rescue (CFR) vehicles; or for handline applications around tank farms, loading racks, aircraft hangars and chemical plants.

When using SILV-EX PLUS Class A foam, an effective blanketing foam is produced. This blanketing foam is ideal for structural fires and other deep-seated risks involving tyres, rolled paper, baled cotton and coal bunkers.

The advantage of low-expansion foam compared to medium-expansion is the greater stream range and superior cooling effect achieved by the higher water content.

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