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As we are aware of the fatal pandemic, the whole world is going through. Every nation is trying to develop new technology and products to combat the devastating effects of Corona Virus. Being one of the leading and experienced manufacturer in the same field, we with the help of our well versed R & D Team have developed following products under our Ayurvedic including Siddha or Unani Drugs License No. 1039-ISM (HR) to eradicate spreading of the Virus

  • SANTEK Alcohol Base Hand Sanitizer.
  • SANTEK Hand wash.

We are pleased to mention hereunder advantages of our SANTEK Brand Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wash :

  • Approved by Ministry of AYUSH.
  • Manufactured in our Production unit approved by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • Capable to kill 99.99 of GERMS.
  • SANTEK Brand Products are Ayurvedic in nature and have no side-effect on human (to be used as per product guidelines).

FOAMER Brand Green Viro Guard Concentrate (GVGC) Disinfectant is far better than other conventional Disinfectants available in the market. A few of the advantages of our Disinfectant are as follows

  • FOAMER Brand Green Viro Guard Concentrate (GVGC) Disinfectant, it has formulated with safer QAC – Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Tetra EDTA (electrolyte).
  • Unlike the Hypochlorite based Disinfectant, our GVGC sanitization disinfectant does not contain any harmful chemicals like alcohol / Chlorine / Lyzol.
  • Best Dilution ration in the segment i.e. 1:99 (our 1% GVGC Disinfectant to be diluted with 99% water to make spray solution).
  • It can be used for sanitization of various surfaces as well as human body by the help of Backpack Sprayers, Trolley mounted spray, Sanitization Chambers (Tunnels) etc.
  • Tested by NABL accredited lab for Toxicity and skin irritation. Found no adverse effect on human sense organs like mouth, nose, ears and eyes etc. when exposed to the spray solution of GVGC in Sanitization Chambers (Tunnels).
  • It has been tested in NABL accredited Laboratory as per IS 14364:1996(Reaffirmed 2008) and is suitable to use for disinfecting the COVID 19.
  • Our GVGC Disinfectant has been mentioned in the White paper issued by FSAI (Fire and Security Association of India).
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