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Keep Your House Safe From Fire With These Safety Tips

Picture this- you are sleeping soundly and out of nowhere you smell something burning, you open your eyes and see the flames of fire in your house. You may literally have minutes to save yourself from the disaster.

This scenario can happen to anyone. We just have to be prepared for such times. There are things that we should be keeping in mind to keep our houses safe from fire.

 Keeping fire extinguishers at home

I really don’t understand that why keeping fire extinguishers at home is not so important.? I mean, it is the most important thing people should do to keep themselves safe from fire. I have installed 4 fire extinguishers at my place at different locations because you never know where the fire may take place.




Keeping fire blankets at home

Another the most important thing which is also unexplored is fire blanket. It can do wonders and save your life from the fire taking place at your home. Not every fire happens because of the leakage of gas where you can use an extinguisher. There are fires that take place because of grease or oil where the use of the fire blanket is appropriate. Keep the fire blanket in your kitchen, it might save you as well as others.


You can read our previous blog when to use a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in which we have mentioned the usage and difference between a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.


Installing smoke detectors at home

It is very important to have a smoke detector at your place so that you can buy some time to extinguish the fire at an early stage before it takes up to the roof. A smoke detector smells the fire very quickly, so it is definitely a thing that you should be having at your place for your own safety.


Educating your kids

It is always advisable to teach your kids the basic knowledge on how to protect themselves in such cases. They should know how to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Most importantly, they should know the difference between them. You must tell them the exit route in case of a large fire.


Keeping first aid box handy

Always make sure that you keep the first aid box handy so that before taking the person to the hospital, one should be able to give him or her the very basic aid at home only. It reduces the chances of heavy damage to the burnt person.


Keeping a ladder at your place

If you are living in a building, then having a ladder at your place is also useful. You can easily plan an exit route from the window with the help of a ladder. Always make sure that you send children and pets first.

Feet On Ladder

Like we always say, you can not escape from a disaster from taking place near you, but you can always manage to protect yourself from it. So keep in mind these things that we mentioned above, you might be able to save plenty of lives with these tips. Also, if you want to buy good quality products that we mentioned above, you can contact FoamtechAntifire.