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When To Use Fire Extinguisher And Fire Blanket

fire extinguishers

We always assume that bad things happen to bad people, but honestly, it is not true. You never know which mistake of yours can lead to a disaster. There are very few people who keep fire extinguishers at home and the rest of the people don’t really feel the need. Well if we talk about having fire blankets then the ratio is lesser than those who have fire extinguishers at home. Most of the people don’t know the use of fire blankets and why they should be kept in your kitchen.

Fire blanket

Well, the sole purpose of this blog is to give you a brief idea as to when and how a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket should be used. Both the products are used to handle small scale fire but we should use the products according to the type of fire.

While most of the people keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen but rarely do they know that a fire extinguisher should not be used on fire caused due to oil or grease. There are some fire extinguishers that contain water with foam concentrates. When water comes into contact with a grease fire, the outcome becomes catastrophic, this could consume your whole kitchen within seconds including you.

So it is always not advisable to use fire extinguishers in the kitchen or you can always make sure that the fire extinguisher should not contain any amount of water. Such type of extinguishers can be purchased by Foamtech Antifire, they make sure that they provide the best product to you.


Other than fire extinguishers, we can use fire blankets in the kitchen because they are suitable for a grease fire because of the composition. The blanket itself is made out of fire retardant material that can be thrown over kitchen fires to smother the flames. Also, it can be wrapped around a human being if they become engulfed in the flames.

Similarly, an electric fire should also be dealt with a fire blanket because you can get a shock if you’ll use a fire extinguisher with water components in it. Therefore having a fire blanket is a necessity to deal with the kitchen fire, especially grease fire and electric fire.

The fire extinguishers can be used to deal with other types of fire like fire from metal or gas, combustible fires, flammable liquids, etc. For example, if a fire takes place due to a gas cylinder then, in that case, you can use a fire extinguisher to eliminate that fire.

Keeping your home safe from fire is the first thing you should do for the safety of yourself and your children. Therefore always make sure that both the fire blanket and fire extinguisher should be very handy if anything happens. Always remember that you can always prevent yourself from a disaster, for that you just have to be fully prepared for it. After all, prevention is better than cure.