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Supported by a team of ingenious professionals, scientists we are able to offer  world class and International Standards Foam Concentrate, having properties such as moderate to infinite shelf life, , engineered precious designed, quick knockdown,  superior burn back resistance  and also a step ahead towards  eco friendly. The offered Foam Concentrate is processed by our deft professionals using quality assured chemicals with the aid of sophisticated methodologies.


Dispersants are chemicals that are applied directly to an oil slick. The key components of chemicals dispersants are surface active agents called Surfactants. FOAMTECH OIL DISPERSANT assists with breaking up the slick into small droplets ranging in size a few micrometers to few millimeters.

Chemical dispersants can do this because they contain molecules that are both water compatible and oil compatible. The molecules align themselves around the oil droplets break away from the slick. The Action prevents the coalescence ( reforming or joining ) of oil droplets. So, the oil can no longer form slick on water surface, and it reduces the adherence of the oil to solid particles ( sand ) and hard surfaces ( sea walls & boat hulls )Chemical dispersants remove the oil from the surface of the water and into the water column. Once in the water column, the oil is diluted to less harmful levels, and eventually is used as a food by bacteria. By removing the oil from the water surface, birds, marine mammals and sensitive coast is protected.