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In addition to being a leading manufacturer of fire-fighting agents and equipment, FOAMTECH also produces a proprietary range of products that protect against fire and environmental damage.


Dispersants are chemicals that are applied directly to an oil slick,
aiding in the breakdown of the damaging substances; the key
components of chemical dispersants are surface active ingredients
known as ‘surfactants’. Foamtech oil dispersant assists with this
breakdown by dissipating the slick into small droplets measuring
from a few millimeters down to microns.
Chemical dispersants can achieve this because they contain
molecules that are compatible with both water and oil. The
molecules surround the oil droplets breaking away from the slick,
preventing any opportunity for coalescence of the droplets. This
stops the slick reforming and additionally prevents the adherence
of oil to solid particles and hard surfaces.
Chemical dispersants remove oil from the water and surface and
enable it to move into the water column. By doing this the oil is
diluted to less harmful levels and, eventually, enters the aquatic
food chain.
By removing oil from the water surface, birds, marine mammals
and sensitive coastlines remain protected.