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Under Brand name of “FOAMER” we manufactures Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates of all varieties including Hazmat Foam, Wetting Agent, Synthetic Class ‘A’ Foam Mech. Foam High altitude, Mech. Foam Freeze protected and Concrete Bonding Foam.
“FOAMER” brand AFFF 3%, AFFF 6%, AR-AFFF 3/3 & 3/6, FP 3%, FP 6%, FFFP 3% & FFFP 6% are UL Listed along with Containers.


Under Brand name of “FLAMAX” we manufacture Dry Chemical Powders of all varieties BC, Powder High Performance ABC, Powder Metal Fire etc.

We are the First Indian manufacturer of having Two Dry Chemical Powder UL LISTED under our effort of Make in India.


Foamtech has joined hands with Halma Group of USA in promoting FIRETRACE brand of Tube based Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Electrical Panels, CNC Machines, Fume Cabinets etc. in the region. Foamtech has setup the only UL listed gas filling plant for Novec 1230 & HFC clean agent gases in India


Established in 2017 in India, Foamtech Laboratory is NABL Accredited multi-disciplined facility that offers materials testing services to the fire and safety industry. FOAMTECH LAB’s specializes in Foam Concentrates and Dry Chemical Powder sample analysis to make sure of Foam / Powder physical-chemical properties according to standard protocols such as BIS, UL, EN, ISO, Indian Defence, ICAO, IMO, LASTFIRE.

We are an ISO 9001,14001& ISO45001 certified Company.

All our products are confirming to BIS (ISI), ICAO, ISO, MMD, IRS, DGMS, EN, UL and DGQA Standards & our “FOAMER” brand AFFF 3% AFFF 6% ,AR-AFFF 3/3 & 3/6, FP 3% , FP 6% ,FFFP 3% & FFFP 6% are UL Listed along with Containers.




We strive to maintain and strengthen our ties to our customers through regular two-way communication, understanding their business and delivering superior products and services.



We look to provide innovative and novel methods to better protect life and property.



We seek to adapt to an ever-changing market by leading the industry and ensuring our company remains ahead of the competition at all times.



We firmly believe in applying our combined knowledge and experience to develop innovative and high-quality products.

We are the 1st Indian manufacturer of having Two Dry Chemical Powder UL LISTED under our effort of Make in India.

DCP ABC UL Listed was earlier imported from abroad and now we have become the First Indian manufacturer in Asia for DCP ABC UL Listed and achieved the goal of “MAKE IN INDIA”.In addition to having private parties, we also have various PSU’s, Central & State Govt. Offices, Power Plants, Petro Chemical & Gas Industries, Steel Plants, and Ports & Airports etc. as our customers.

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