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Keep Your House Safe From Fire With These Safety Tips

Picture this- you are sleeping soundly and out of nowhere you smell something burning, you open your eyes and see the flames of fire in your house. You may literally have minutes to save yourself from the disaster. This scenario can happen to anyone. We just have to be prepared for such times. There are …

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When To Use Fire Extinguisher And Fire Blanket

We always assume that bad things happen to bad people, but honestly, it is not true. You never know which mistake of yours can lead to a disaster. There are very few people who keep fire extinguishers at home and the rest of the people don’t really feel the need. Well if we talk about …

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3 Ways To Improve Workplace Safety- Fire And Electrical

We always make sure that our house should be safe from all the possibilities and threats of fire and electrical damages. But seldom do we think about the workplace we are working in. We spend most of the time of the day in our offices but do not think about the possible dangers we can …

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